First Actions

- Teaching in courses of deaf students, punctual aid, donation of an overhead projector in order to view classes in sign language in the Ardasha Saula Yubak Center in the Karyavinayak à Bungamati (Lalitpur District).
This non-governmental association is only supported by private donations and by the extraordinary work of its director Daya Ram Maharajan.
41 boys and girls, deaf or blind, are sheltered in this unique center in Nepal. They have been abandoned, left by their family which was too poor, too isolated, or sent by a public hospital.

- Specific material support is brought to one of the Langtong families (from a region which has suffered a 90% loss), the family now being sheltered at the Yellow Gumba Monastary.

-Giving out school supplies to 141 students and 14 professors for a year at Shree Kailkasharan, lower secondary school in the devastated region of Sindhupalchock reaching at least a 2500 - meter altitude .
And all this thanks to Amir’s jeep and his brave driver!

- Donation of pencil cases and pens collected by the 3 9th grade classes of a Parisian middle school, to the Dandagau orphanage, in the national park of Shivapuri.

- The setting up of Tilgana Institute of Ophtalmology (le TIO) which is the main and unique institution in Nepal for preventing and controlling blindness, donation of 200 eyeglass frames, collected by Art Optique, located at rue Brancion, Paris (France), 15th district.


In the short term, they are concentrating on :

- Bringing material help to the Young Children Center in Bungamati, by buying things such as:

       Material in Braille at the Institut National des jeunes aveugles Valentin Hauy (Institute for the young blind in Paris) for different grade level
       Another overhead projector with a mural screen
       Musical instruments
       Games for the outdoors

In the longer term, our collecting of funds will be used for the reconstruction of schools destroyed with the earthquake as well as for the construction of the first school and a dispensary in the Upper Dolpo. This will enable children in mountain areas to be solarized, while insisting in the education of girls.
We have already met people who were interested to teach and bring medical assistance in this region for a prolonged period.The facilities would be supervised by our local Nepalese friends.

All of out actions are concerted with the people on-site in order to respect their culture, their traditions, and in order to detect their needs at best.
We are conscious of the vastness of our project but if we all participate anything is possible! And these people’s will to rie again is incredible.
This challenge represents for us an act of solidarity, an application of humanitarian values, and a chance for them to build up their future.


Art photography

Prints and Finishes


The art photographies proposed are numbered, sold by 30 copies maximum (unless less specified), all bases confounded.
They are signed by the artist on the authentification certificate.
In France, tax legislation regards works of art as “photographies taken by the artist, developed by him or under his control, signed and numbered within a limit of 30 copies, all bases and sizes confounded. (Article 98, Annexe III of the French General Tax

Prices and dimensions on request.