Originals limited edition

Sab Ji

RAN presents artists whose work is associated to our effort and wish to contribute to the gathering of funds in order to help the Nepalese population. The sale of these works of art is used to finance the implementation of our projects.

Sab Ji, an Orleanese who was born in 1981, is a plastic artist and a photographer who graduated from the Ecole des Arts de Pau and Grenoble (FRANCE). She currently lives in Paris, at the foyer pluriculturel (multicultural residence), where she can fuel her reflexions and define an outline for her future personal projects.
However, Sab Ji was never satisfied with the diversity of large urban centres, infected with a trend which leads to uniformisation and homogeneity. She has therefore opened herself to others, purified and liberated from globalisation, throughout many trips. These travels, which were openings to the curious and the unpredictable, have not failed in creating a desire to capture, through photography, the world’s true colours and anthropologic realities.
It is this naive and inquisitive outlook which has led Sab Ji to an artistic and cosmopolitan approach, which consists in capturing, wherever she may be, the meaningful traces left by each intangible, pre-existing existence. In this perspective, Sab Ji aims at using an outlook which is almost childish, where sensitivity channels interpretation.
Her work does not aim at demonstrating the multiple facets which are covered by the essence of human emotion. She is more interested in showing that shooting techniques, through revising an image, is a first invitation to a different shade of emotion, free of any conventional standpoint.
Sab Ji does not also succumb to the easy outcome of only exposing naked faces. She immerses herself in the culture. She touches the core of her subjects. In doing so, she has formed a project in 2007, which consisted in considering India from a double point of view, exploring its mythological ancient history and hindou culture. From this rich adventure, she has sowed the seeds of her last art project, Cendrillon (Cinderella), where she undertook portraying the feminine condition through this popular fairytale, using cultural and representational data.
Finally, she always seeks an aesthetic and original way to depict forms, through which Sab Ji has shown her capacity to portray her vision of a world in perpetual movement. This has given her the opportunity to assert her photographic style in a series dedicated to one of her passions, Argentinian tango. throughout the camera focus, she exposes the character of a danse where the fusion of moving bodies resolves into a sensual and voluptuous silence. Dancers thus become chimeras, carried away by a frantic music, filled with nostalgia.
As a public speaker, she enjoys sharing with the public the fruit of her creativity. Also, this independent artist’s work can be found in exhibits and art galeries as well as in traveling magazines.