Originals limited edition

Alexandra Mas

RAN presents artists whose work is associated to our effort and wish to contribute to the gathering of funds in order to help the Nepalese population. The sale of these works of art is used to finance the implementation of our projects.

© Daniel Bésikian

Artistic polyvalence was the norm during the renaissance epoch. We can still find this “touche à tout” beings, just like Alexandra Mas, multidisciplinary artist. Each of her artistic fields is handled with the same passion and mastery. She always dedicated herself to art, more precisely since she was 14. The artist works with all the mediums and means that she can master, etching, graphic design, painting, or photography…. In her works we can feel the Carpathian’s spirit, all mountain’s poetry, force and sensibility. To create is like breathing for Alexandra.

"Imagination is but memory. Everything we may create reminds us of something we know. Art demands permanent work, a genuine knowledge thirst... To me, the beauty of art is going deep into one’s unconsciousness, or into the collective obliviousness."

Alexandra’s message, in all her works, is a desire to represent Beauty, with a movement, the movement of a body, a gesture, a glance, a brush stroke…the beauty of self questioning (Vanitas) the profound self introspection. Alexandra’s sensibility is in all her artwork. Life is long; I believe she will astound us with her ever-inventive creation.Today is so easy to recreate fantastic ideas into images thanks to digital work. But to induce a dream like state is far more complicated. Alexandra MAS is one of these rare beings that makes dreams come alive. She is sharing a universe taken from poetry with a veridical technical skill. Through her compositions she manages to make us travel into her fantasy world.

The movement is the main theme of her paintings; her art budges in front of our eyes. She is taking us to a kinetic frontier. We can find a certain chrono-photography close to Muybridge or Marey’s art. The artist is more than a creator, but an observer that rewrites emotions. When she tries out the self-portrait, Socrates’ quote "know thyself", really makes sense. This is but a part of this young lady’s talent, future will confirm her place into the Arts”

Jean DEULCEUX Lecturer/Art Historian